Sunday, July 25, 2010

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Gallery: Zombies!

I have updated my website with a few new image galleries finally, one of which contains the stills I shot last year on the set of a locally produced zombie flick, H1Z1.  I am not sure if that will be the final name for it, but in any case, that is what it was called when I was working on set.

Be warned that the gallery contains a few images with graphic special effects makeup, so if you are a squeamish type, you might want to use caution!  The vast majority of the images are "safe" however and should not be unsettling!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

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DEMO Clearance: Canon iPF6100 Printer

We have just received our demo iPF6300 printer from Canon, so we are selling off the previous model, the 24" wide iPF6100.

We are selling our demo iPF6100 for $2,450 and it will still carry a full one-year warranty from Canon. Previously, this printer sold for nearly $4,000.  The new iPF-6300 will sell for $4,490, so this demo allows you to save over $2,000 off the price of the latest & greatest model.

The iPF6100 is a 12-ink, large format, floor standing printer capable of printing on roll media up to 24 inches wide. It uses twelve 130mL ink cartridges: photo black, matte black, grey, photo-grey, cyan, magenta, yellow, photo-cyan, photo-magenta, red, green and blue. Whew!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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NIK Software - Save up to $99!

We have stock on NIK Software at Beau Photo and the good news is that we have some limited time special pricing! The Image Explorations show on Vancouver Island was a resounding success, but we still have a few copies of NIK software at the show special pricing. These prices are only going to be on for a limited time, so don't delay if you want to take advantage of these specials!

NIK Software
Regular PROMO
Dfine 2.0
$99.00 $75.00
Color Efex Pro 3.0
$299.00 $225.00
Silver Efex Pro
$199.00 $150.00
Sharpener Pro 3.0
$199.00 $150.00
Complete Collection (Ultimate)
$599.00 $500.00
Complete Collection (Aperture & Lightroom)
$299.00 $250.00

Trial versions of all the different plugins are available here: While you could buy the serial numbers for these plugins online... take note that our sale prices are way lower than the web prices!

Also note that if you are a student enrolled in a certified photography program, you would be eligible for educational pricing on NIK Software, and that's even lower than the above promo prices.  We have student editions of most packages in stock as well.

Friday, July 16, 2010

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Canon EOS-50D: Sale!

***  $895.95  ***

While our supplies last, we have put the EOS-50D on sale for $895.95! A great deal for this 15 MP semi-pro DSLR! Contact us here at Beau: 604-734-7771

Note: above price includes Canon's $100 instant rebate which is on until the end of July August 2010!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

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This weekend, I spent some time working on photos that I took last year, and a flight theme came to mind.  Birds from a variety of locations and also shots I took at the 2009 Abbotsford Airshow.  Above left is a bald eagle at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary and the top right is a McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Super Hornet. Of course you can click on these images for a larger view.

Friday, July 9, 2010

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Phase One Summer Promo!

Phase One is offering its flagship DF camera and P 65+ digital back with an 80mm Schneider Leaf Shutter + two lenses of your choice for USD $39,990. Click on the above image for more info.

You SAVE up to USD $8,000!

The offer ends on August 15th so don't wait too long.  Contact either myself or Ken Shymka at Beau Photo for more information...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Rode Microphones at Beau Photo...

Beau Photo has just received a shipment of Rode microphones, specifically the VideoMic and the Stereo VideoMic. These high quality and ruggedly built microphones are perfect for use with your video DSLR and will mount right onto the camera's hotshoe. We will also have them available in our rental department, so you will have a chance to see for yourself... or rather, to hear for yourself, how much better these can sound that the built-in mics that the cameras have!
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Blue "Lasers"!

Well, okay... not actually lasers, but spotlights.  The Vectorial Elevation installation was on during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and I just decided to take some time and go through a few of the photos I took of it.  After white-balancing the photos to make the warm city lights fairly close to neutral, the spotlights take on a very blue look (although they did not look blue to the naked eye) and while strictly speaking, not very accurate, I nevertheless very much like the look.

I have been super busy at work lately, helping with upgrading our point-of-sale software (what a pain) but am finally seeing the end of it. Hopefully I'll soon be able to post some more galleries, perhaps the next being of these Olympic spotlights. There are a few more if you click on the link...

Friday, July 2, 2010

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Canon: rebates extended & price drops!

Canon has extended the vast majority of lens and body rebates until July 31, 2010.  The two exceptions are the 5D Mark II (the whopping $500 rebate is no more) and the 1Ds Mark III.  However, in its place, they did introduce price drops, although on the 5D Mark II it is not quite to the tune of $500, but the 1Ds Mark III did drop by $1000!

Price Drops -

Our new price on the 5D Mark II body is $2620, whereas before it was $2950.

The new price on the 5D Mark kit with EF24-105mm f/4L IS is $3425.

The 1Ds Mark III has dropped, now selling for $7400.

Lastly, the excellent and affordable EF 100mm f/2.0 lens has become even more affordable, now only $579, a whopping price decrease of nearly $150!