Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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Gallery: Fraser Canyon in Late June...

At the end of June, I went on a four day camping trip with a friend and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and beautiful scenery along the Thompson River north of Lytton, BC. I shot with my Fujifilm X-E2 kit but also had a Sony A7R system along for testing. Those photos will come in a future blog entry but there are a couple at the end of the gallery, taken on the last day. Driving back to Vancouver was the main goal that day, but I did stop near Lytton to take a few shots and only used the A7R at that stop.

In case anyone is wondering, the second shot in the gallery was light painted with a couple of green lasers and a flashlight, frantically lighting stuff up during the 30 second exposure. There was a dim flashlight switched on inside the tent as well. It took quite a few attempts before I was happy with how the tops of the grass looked with the laser illumination! For the gallery, click on the above image or...

Gallery link: Fraser Canyon in Late June

Note that there is currently a weird glitch with the Zoomify viewer script I am using. When you zoom in on a vertical shot initially, at full zoom it looks somewhat over-sharpened. Drag the image to the left or right edge though and suddenly it renders normally. With horizontal shots, there doesn't seem to be an issue. Still working on resolving that. Otherwise, hope you enjoy!