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A Guide to this Blog

This blog is all about my photography: photo trips, photo projects, random "walkaround" images, as well as digital imaging or gear related entries. Also included will be entry on industry news, both photo and non-photo, the occasional opinion piece perhaps and maybe a random smattering of other stuff thrown in.

Please note that as of mid September 2011, there will be no more regular postings of Beau Photo related content. Please see the Links Elsewhere page for details on the new Beau Photo blogs.

I have tried to make this blog as easy as possible to navigate and to enable you to quickly find content that will be of interest to you. Below, you will find an explanation of the main features and navigation, for those of you who have rarely visited blogs sites in the past. In fact, prior to creating this blog, I must admit that I rarely visited "obvious" blogging sites. In retrospect, most online news sites really are more or less blogs, but often times their interfaces are not what you would expect from a typical blog such as this one. Most of you will will likely not have any problem clicking around the blog and figuring things out, but just in case, here is a guide...


My personal website,, contains image galleries of my work from 2009 and back. Since then, all new galleries have been posted to this blog so I now have links to individual years where you can filter to show posts with image galleries from those years. In addition, there is an All Galleries link to simply show all image gallery related posts.

Filtering Posts... SHOW > and CATEGORIES

Each blog post is assigned one or more categories, which can be seen at the footer of each entry. At the top of every page in the blog is a SHOW > menu. Clicking each link will filter the blog in a certain way, always with the most recent posts first, as follows:
  • All Posts will go to the blog home page, showing all posts starting at the most recent one. 
  • New Galleries will show any postings where I link to a new image gallery on my main website.
  • Images will show posts that feature either single or multiple images as a main theme, ones that I want to share but have not yet posted to a full-blown gallery.
  • Tech Tips will show posts that have technical tips on using software or on camera equipment, lenses, bodies and such.
  • Gear Talk will show posts that talk about equipment which I use that I may want to provide insights on.
  • News will show all posts that contain general news about my blog, website and such.
  • Random Tidbits will show any postings that contain miscellaneous items of interest that may, or may not, be related to photography.
  • Major Trip/Event will show all postings related to either a major photography trip or some multi-day event I might have covered.
On the right hand sidebar, you will see the CATEGORIES section, which also have some of the same sections as on the SHOW menu. In addition, there will be numerous other posting categories which you may be less inclined to use as frequently. Note that there is presently no way to filter postings by more than one category at a time. It is either show all posts, or just one category.

Two more notes (that don't really justify their own heading) is that on longer blog entries, you will often see a ... READ MORE ... link which will expand the post, and position you at the top. You can then read the entire blog entry and also provide comment feedback (you have a choice of being anonymous or not) at the end of the posting.

Lastly, occasionally I might make a post "sticky" by future-dating it, so that it always appears at the top of the blog until that date has passed. I might do this for polls or for important time-sensitive posts that I do not want to disappear under newer postings as quickly.

Feedback, Sharing & Subscriptions

There are several ways to subscribe to this blog and to provide feedback on posts. As far as feedback, email is always welcome (see the contact page or the contact form on the blog sidebar) but there are also quick and easy feedback buttons at the footer of each blog post. This feedback is anonymous, so feel free to be honest! If a post really bores you, click the "Yawn" button by all means! Update 2024: I just noticed that the feedback buttons are gone. I suppose the API changed. Since nobody ever used them anyways, I won't bother trying to figure out where they went!

You can share a single entry by using the share button to the top right of every blog posting title. This will allow you to share via email, FaceBook, Twitter, Google Buzz and many many more! If you just want to share the blog homepage, and not a specific entry, use the share button in the right-hand sidebar.

As far as subscriptions, there is a contact form on the main page of the blog where you can enter your email address and put "subscribe" in the message section. To unsubscribe, do the same and type "unsubscribe" instead. When I add a new post to the blog, you will get an email summary and link to the blog entry. Google's Feedburner subscriptions are going away and I am transitioning to this new system as of June 13, 2021. I will not share any email addresses I receive this way with anyone! In addition, I will only send update emails when I've added a new post to the blog, or substantially changed a recent post, for example, if an image gallery were to be expanded on significantly.

Please note that until the Feedburner service is fully shut-down, supposedly by July 2021, you may receive duplicate emails with my own direct email update, as well as the Feedburner update. Apologies if you do receive duplicate emails!

There is also still a Google powered "Followers" section that you can use to receive updates to this blog.

Updates & Blog Changes

February 19, 2024
  • Added note on this page to indicate the feedback buttons are no longer visible!
June 13, 2021
  • Wow, it has been over 6 years since this page was updated! Today, I finally edited the contact page to reflect the new location of Beau Photo Supplies, where we have been at since November of 2018!
  • I removed the Feedburner subscription link from the main blog sidebar, since the service is soon going away, and added in a contact form with instructions on how to subscribe.
  • Edited this page with subscribe and unsubscribe info as well as a reference to the Links Elsewhere page for more details o the Beau Photo blogs.
  • Edited the Links Elsewhere page to remove some outdated URLs and update the Beau Photo blog links and related content.
  • Edited my user profile so the text mentions that my current work is on this blog, and that older works from 2009 and prior, are on my website.
March 22, 2015
  • A long time since I've updated this section! Today, I slightly reorganized the main blog page where I've removed the LINKS section and added those links to the separate Links page, now titled Links Elsewhere.
  • I have added in a section on the main page called IMAGE GALLERIES where you can link to postings that contain image galleries for years going back to 2010, or simply show all postings with galleries. Also added a Major Trip/Event link to the main header.
  • Updated the ALL CATEGORIES section and this page as well.
December 17, 2011
  • It has now been nearly three months that the Beau Photo blogs have gone live, so I expect most people will be aware of the modified content here. Thus, I have decided to remove the temporary extra links I had to the new Beau Photo blog site...
September 24, 2011
  • New banner and slightly wider blog layout! See this posting for details...
  • Edited the contact page and this page too! 
July 11, 2010
  • I decided I did not like the "Read Entire Post" link, and changed it to the simpler and more commonly used "Read More".
June 19, 2010
  • Added this blog guide page.
  • Changed shares from using ShareThis to using AddThis, which is much more configurable.
  • Made my own share button to use with AddThis.
  • The Beau logo was a bit too magenta.  Fixed.
  • This is the first posting of blog-related updates, although the main blog went live on June 4, 2010. This mini-blog-within-a-blog will only cover when there are obvious changes to the layout, look or UI of this blog. I have decided that most people will likely not care much about blog layout changes, so I won't be posting that on the main blog... unless I am soliciting feedback.