Friday, June 4, 2010

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Hello World!

Hello everyone! This is the start of the Beau Photo Digital Imaging Blog.

Watch for frequent small updates containing interesting tidbits on equipment I’m testing, cool things I may discover about new hardware or software, as well as mentions of updates to my personal website which may be of interest to others with respect to the equipment I am shooting with… or just because they like to explore my photography. In addition, if the Digital Imaging Dept. puts items on sale, receives stock on new gear that people are eagerly anticipating and so on, well these sorts of things will also be prime candidates for blog entries.

Choose from a blog category on the right hand side to filters posts, so you can quickly see what interests you most.  Or if you want to read the blog on a regular basis, you can sign up on the right side of each page under either the "Subscribe" or "Followers" sections.

Hope you enjoy…


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