Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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Sale: DataColor Spyder 3 Studio

We have some Spyder 3 Studio kits in stock still, on sale for $489, over $100 off the previous price. Everything you need to calibrate your inkjet printer and monitor, all in a slick padded aluminum briefcase!

This product has been replaced with the new Studio SR, but the as far as quality of calibration, they are essentially the same.  The major difference with the SR is faster reading of printer patches, although since you tend not to have to recalibrate most printers very often (usually just when you decide to standardize on a new paper), I personally do not feel the speed increase is all that important.  You can use the very latest Spyder 3 Print SR software with older Spyder 3 print as well.  Not to mention the Spyder 3 Studio SR is selling for $629, so the older package is a really sweet deal!

I use a Spyder 3 Studio myself and the quality of printer profiles I am getting for my Epson R2400 printer is extrememely good on virtually every paper I've profiled, including ones from Hahnemühle, Moab, Harmon, Ilford, Museo and Epson.  When I print both the high-quality target and the "extended grays" target, I can read both pages in about 15-20 minutes with my Spyder 3 Print.  Since until a few months back, I was still using a profile I created back in 2007 for Moab Lasal Photo Luster, I feel the 20 minutes spent every few years is not much of a hardship!

In addition, the Spyder 3 Elite monitor calibrator which is included in the package also does a great job on my LED-backlit MacBook Pro LCD display, and also worked well on my older fluorescent backlight MacBook Pro. The new Studio SR comes with exactly the same Spyder 3 Elite monitor calibrator, no upgrades there.

In any case, we have only two of these units at the clearance price, so contact us if you want to save some money and pick one of these up!


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