Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Epson Rebates - Jan. 2011

Epson has a couple of aggressive mail-in rebates on at the moment, valid from Jan 5th to April 5th, for three of their high-end photo inkjet printers as follows:

We keep the R2880 printer in stock and can easily special-order in the other two. The R1900 printer would be ideal for super high-gloss colour printing but in pretty much ever other respect, especially for black & white and fine-art paper printing, the 13" wide R2880 would be significantly better.  For the ultimate in reliable paper feed, low ink-cost and overall print quality, the 17" wide Pro 4900 with its UltraChrome HDR inkset would be the workhorse for the pro photographer wanting to output archival prints in a higher volume environment.


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