Thursday, March 10, 2011

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March 24th: Hasselblad Solutions Event

NOTE: The event is FREE, but registration is required:

Phocus Mobile is a really sweet solution when shooting in the studio. You can control your camera and even view captured images with your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Imagine handing a commercial client an iPad so they can sit back, relax, and watch how your shoot progresses, rate images, zoom in on details and more. No more hovering over your shoulder, peering at the LCD on the back of your camera and getting in your way!

Say you have a complicated lighting setup, and you are walking around a large set, adjusting lighting ratios or repositioning your strobes. Rather than walk all the way back to your camera or computer to take another test shot, just pull the iPhone out of your pocket, shoot and preview an image to see your changes, right on the spot using the awesome "Retina" display on your iPhone 4. Cool!


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