Friday, June 3, 2011

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X100: DigiPower Travel Charger

DigiPower TC-55F Charger compared to Fujifilm's X100 Charger

While Fujifilm's charger that is included with the X100 works great, it can be a bit of a pain to travel with. First off, looking at the above picture, you will see the piece of white "gaffer" tape on it. That tape is on my charger to keep the little plastic insert from getting lost. Without this insert, the NP-95 battery will not stay in place for charging and this little bit is not very securely fastened and pops off quite easily. Secondly, have a look at that power cord, it's huge! And it is stiff. Total overkill and it takes up a lot of extra of room when packing. Most chargers that I have, for all the different cameras I own, have little fold-out prongs and are very convenient to pack when traveling.

After a bit of searching, I found a Fuji compatible DigiPower charger available from one of our suppliers and after bringing one in for testing, I decided to order a few for stock here at Beau. I bought one for myself too.

This fairly compact charger has the requisite fold-out prongs and, barely visible in the above photo, it even has an available USB port on the side so you can also plug in your iPhone, iPod or any other device that has a USB charging cable. This can eliminate having to travel with yet another charger for a different device. It will work with a wide range of Fuji battery packs as well, not just the NP-95.

Lastly, it has a nice bright charge indicator that blinks to show you the battery's charge level and updates during the recharging process. Finally, it even comes with a European power adapter. The price is $48.95 and we will have stock soon...


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