Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Germany 2011 Trip: Fourteen Galleries...

After over two years, I have finally completed sorting through all the photos I took during my 2011 trip to Germany and have created fourteen image galleries from those shots. I am making a concerted effort to go through the tremendous backlog of photos I have, going all the way back to 2010, and decided that the 2011 Germany trip deserved my attention first. I have friends and relatives over there that I visited, who all know that I took many photos on my trip and were probably wondering if they would ever get to see what I shot!

Each of the fourteen galleries has an associated image and a link, as the one above, and either can be clicked to have the gallery open in a new window. That way, once you're done looking at that gallery, you can close the window and scroll this page down for the next one. Click READ MORE below for links to the remaining thirteen galleries and enjoy...

For those interested in the technical nature of the images, EXIF metadata will show below the image, after you click a thumbnail in the gallery. All photos were shot raw and processed in Adobe Lightroom 5. The few infrared photos had some additional processing done in Photoshop CS6. Also, images that are geotagged will have a globe icon at the top left of the thumbnail frame. You can click on the globe for a rough map of the location and then, if you click the GPS coordinate link below the map (latitude & longitude), a new window will open and the location will open in Google Maps. There you can zoom in or out and see the spot in much greater detail if you like. There is some margin for error with the geotag GPS location and with Google Maps as well, therefore sometimes there may be some obvious location errors. I did correct the worst errors manually. So onward to the remaining galleries:

(No gallery for day 8 or 9 as explained in the gallery below)

One thing that was just brought to my attention is that Park Wilhelmshöhe was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in fact, this may be another reason as to why the TV crew was there at the time I photographed the images in the above gallery. Here is a link with some interesting info about park and its history: UNESCO - Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe



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