Sunday, March 1, 2015

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Gallery: Southwest 2010 / Days 10 - 12

Gallery (50 images): Southwest 2010 / Days 10 - 12

The above photo was taken in Big Bend National Park, however the gallery starts with two more observatory visits. Day 10 saw us first visit Sacramento Peak Observatory and then Apache Point Observatory. We decided to take a back road out towards the south to return to the campground near White Sands, however this proved a very rough and long route, pretty much killing the rest of the day. In addition, we ended up accidentally driving through a military range and at one point, a convoy of Hummers and other military trucks came up behind us, thankfully just driving by when I pulled over to let them pass. The next day we did more driving than photography, first over to Carlsbad Caverns and then, at that point, we made the decision to head south towards Big Bend National Park. The next day was mostly driving as well with some gorgeous evening light and storm clouds which greeted us, once we reached Big Bend NP...

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