Friday, June 11, 2010

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Online ID madness...

For years, I've been fighting to keep my online presence to a minimum. I have a website with a domain email, and I figured that was plenty good enough. When email reliability became spotty for a while at one point, I gave in and signed up for gmail. No MySpace, no FaceBook, no Twitter, no Flickr, no Pbase, none of that. Oh, at one point I did sign up for a hotmail account, for Skype or iChat or something, but I have long since lost track of that one. I do have a Mobile Me account as well, but at least I get a lot out of it: domain hosting with lots of free space and contact, calender, bookmark and email syncing between all my computers and my iPhone. All that's bad enough I figure!

Then I created this blog.

Okay, I had a gmail address, so I was off to a good start with Google's Blogger. But then I uploaded photos to my new blog and suddenly realized a Picassa account had been created! Fine, whatever, a photo sharing account which was automatically created for me and which I will only use for this blog - that's okay I suppose.

Then I started looking at Mac OS X blog editors and after trying out a few different ones, "ecto" looked promising. But it wouldn't tie in with my Picassa account. Nope... it only works with Flickr.

Okay fine, so off to Flickr to create an account finally. But... I need to have a Yahoo account to create a Flickr account! Doh!

Grumbling, it's off to Yahoo then... only to find out that every "nice" combination of my name or sublimephoto identity on Yahoo have already been snagged by other people! However all was not lost, since there is a new (to me) option for a "rocketmail" Yahoo account, and that finally worked.

In any case, since starting this blog, I suddenly have two new online photo sharing accounts and a new email address, all of which I have no intention of using except how they pertain to maintaining this blog.

Am I going to get a Facebook identity soon too? Kicking and screaming I say, that will be the only way...

(and if you guessed I'm having a hard time sleeping tonight... well you'd be right!)

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Mike Nelson Pedde said...

Mike: It sounds familiar! We started a blog last November (we wrote about it here: and in our own journey to understand Social Networking we created a page on our blog for it!

Take care,

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