Saturday, June 12, 2010

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New subscription & feedback options...

I wasn't too happy with the subscription options I had originally, so decided to do a little work on that. Soon, news of this blog will be sent to all Beau Photo customers who have signed up for email updates, so I wanted to have the subscription services fine tuned and in place. Check on the right hand column of this blog, under SUBSCRIBE, for these new subscription options.

Since presumably not everyone is tied in to some social networking site, or online account that allows blog-feeds, I thought I would add in a simple email only subscription option. Quite simply, when I add posts to my blog, you will get a summary email of those updates once per day only, if you've signed up. Should you decide that you hate getting email updates or just find this blog incredibly boring... well, each email you get will also include an unsubscribe link.

Second, I have registered this blog with FeedBurner, to allow for more integrated feed subscriptions to whatever sites you might regularly use. For example, if you have a Yahoo email account, and sign in regularly to check your email with a web browser, you can have a small blog summary appear on your Yahoo page. Just click on the orange feed icon, or on "FeedBurner Subscriptions" to access all these different options.

Next, let me mention feedback options. I added some feedback links that appear below each post. Please, don't be shy about feedback! It is totally anonymous and it will help me fine tune my blog entries as time goes on. If I get a bunch of "Yawn" feedback on certain kinds of entry, well maybe I'll take notice and stop making posts of that sort! If I get a bunch of "More Please" or "Awesome" feedback (I can dream, can't I?) well then obviously I'll keep that in mind and post more entries like that in the future.

If you have email feedback on this blog in general, or on blog entries specific to my photography or my sublimephoto website, please email my personal address. If you have Beau Photo related queries then use my work email. My contact info is listed, not surprisingly, on the "Contact Info" page.

Lastly, if you think a particular posting would be of interest to someone else, you can click the little white mail icon at the end of each post to send an email to someone. Or, you can just right-click a blog post title and copy & paste it into an email yourself.  Whichever way you prefer!


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