Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Wicked Promo from Phase One!

Phase One 645DF with IQ back
This one is very short, but very sweet, should you be wanting to get into the Phase One system! In the (slightly edited) words of the Canadian Phase One distributor...

We have a sale that is going from Monday, March 21st to Thursday, March 31st. It's a very short promo.

Trade in H or V series Cameras and lenses and save 50% off the selling prices of these items with the purchase of a back or upgrade. The competitive upgrade for Leaf, Hasselblad, Imacon etc. also works here.

If you can believe it - normally $5500 for a 645DF and 80mm Schneider leaf shutter lens, trade an old 500CM with an 80mm lens and get the Phase One DF kit for only $2750. Remember that there also has to be a digital back as a part of this. Lenses can be traded for an equivalent lens and saves 50% as well.

It's a blitz. The mechanical Hasselblad community is particularly excited about this one! This gives them way more for the old gear than it's worth used!

So the upshot of this, is if you are wanting to buy into a Phase One digital back, and were thinking of putting it on an older Hasselblad, now you can get an extremely generous trade-in for your old body and step up to a modern autofocus 645DF system from Phase One! Call us for more details...


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