Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Fujifilm X100 Infrared Gallery

(click on image to view gallery)

I wandered around after work, giving the X100 a real workout with an IR filter (Hoya R72). Note that even at ISO 6400, the X100 is not all that grainy. The vast majority of the graininess you will see has been added by me. Personally I love the look of grainy and "glowy" IR film, however some might prefer less grain. Heck, maybe even I will too at some point, but for now, I am personally liking the look. Admittedly, when downsized the grain looks more like noise and less like "film grain", but at the full image size the grain is a little more clumpy and "realistic" looking.

More info on how the images were shot and processed is at the start of the gallery and also see my previous posting on IR with the X100 here...

Lastly, you'll note some new links on the thumbnails in the image gallery, in the form of little "globe" icons. Clicking there will take you to an overview map of where the photo was shot, then clicking on the GPS coordinates below the overview map will open a new Google Maps page where you can zoom in, poan around etc. The tracklog was recorded with a Qstarz BT-Q1000XT recorder and GPS metadata was added in Adobe Lightroom as per a previous article. The accuracy seems good to a radius of about 10-50 feet I'd say.


Jonas N said...

I really need to try this out on mine someday. IR photography gives you such a different perspective on nature, and the X100 seems to not struggle too much with it to make it a pretty easily approachable thing to play with. :) Thanks for the sample gallery!

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