Sunday, January 15, 2012

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Two New Galleries...

This weekend, I was feeling better since getting my cold a week ago and I managed to get out on both Saturday and today, Sunday. I have some out-of-order gallery postings here, but what the heck. Today, I spent a little time behind the Museum of Anthropology out at UBC. It was crisp, cold and icy, but that made for some interesting shots. The gallery is called Cold Walk at UBC MOA.

A week ago, I went for a walk, exploring some back-alleys with my new Panasonic 14mm pancake lens and my GX1, hence the gallery titled Back-alleys and Pancakes. Dingy and grey it was, but I still found a handful of subjects.

Finally, yesterday I went on quite a long walk in the cold, which actually seemed to do my sinuses good! I shot a whole lot more over about three hours and those shots are not yet processed. Watch for it soon...


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