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Wedding! August 2023

Gallery (30 images): Wedding!

Yes indeed, I am now married to my incredible, lovely partner, Emily Min! We met in January of 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Had we met even a few weeks later, things may have turned out differently as the world shut down and everyone started social distancing, but timing was just in our favour and we stayed together during COVID. Emily is the most kind, caring and conscientious person I have ever met, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have met her when I did. She works as an art conservator and I was (and still am) astounded that she can repair and restore a damaged piece of artwork just as seamlessly (or more so) than what I can do for an image in Photoshop. Her skills are amazing.

In December of 2022, I proposed to Emily and to my delight she accepted, and in early August of 2023 we got married. The above linked image gallery is a small subset of our wedding photos, which were taken by my good friend Ted Marshall. My father George Mander, who is 92, hybridizes roses and he provided some his own roses for each table at the reception, and a bunch for our sweetheart table as well. A few of the roses can can be seen in photos 27 and 28 in the gallery.

We had about 55 guests at our wedding, which took place at the Celebration Pavilion in Queen Elizabeth Park, and the reception after was at the park restaurant, Seasons in the Park. A shout out to the incredible service and delicious food at Seasons which helped make our wedding day perfect. Another shout out to the bakery that made the amazing wedding cakes for us, Cadeaux Bakery. We asked if they could decorate the cakes with roses and mimic the colouration of one of my dad's own varieties, and we feel they did a tremendous job as can be seen in photo 27! Note that to respect the privacy of our guests and their families, I am not posting any of the many images which included them, other than a handful with my father and Emily's parents, and one with Emily's brother.

At the start of the reception, Emily and I donned traditional Korean wedding attire to perform the Korean Paebaek Ceremony (a link here which has a good overview), and there a number of shots in the gallery of that. One aspect of the ceremony is for the groom to give the bride a piggyback ride, signifying his strength in being able to support her in the future. That was a lot of fun, as was the entire Paebaek Ceremony, and everyone enjoyed the colourful outfits and spectacle!

I can't believe 6 months have already passed since the wedding! A week after the wedding, once her relatives from California and Ontario flew back home, Emily and I went on our honeymoon to the Big Island of Hawaii. For a few days at the start, my father joined us since he'd been wanting to revisit the memorial for my mother one more time, which is on the outskirts of the village of Miloli'i, on the Kona Coast, where my mother's ashes were scattered in the ocean back in 2008. A night shot of the memorial that I took in 2019 can be seen below. I am sad that my mother never had a chance to meet Emily. She was an artist herself and she and Emily would have had many fascinating discussions no doubt!

Being 92, travel is becoming more of a challenge for my father and that may well have been the last opportunity for him to visit the memorial with Emily and I. For more on this memorial, see this blog post of mine from 2019. Once my father flew back home we started our honeymoon proper, spending a few more days on the Kona Coast, then over to the east part of the island, staying just south of Hilo at a wonderful little private set of three walkway connected bungalows in the jungle. The next few galleries that I'll be posting to my blog will be photos taken at the various places we visited on our honeymoon.


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